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Ivan J., San Marcos, CA

“Thank you for being the best part of the mornings here in Ventura! Always amazing service, friendly staff and great coffee & food."
Review via Yelp

Amy V., Ventura, CA

"Always excellent coffee and friendly service. I love supporting a local business that in turn supports the community. Simones will always be my number one coffee shop."
Review via Yelp

Eric S., Ventura, CA

“Simones is wonderful in every way. Everything I have ordered has been outstanding. And the service is great. And of particular importance, it is clean. Very clean. The staff certainly cares about the health and safety of their customers. Thanks, Simones.”
Review via Yelp

Jamie K., Moorpark, CA

“I could say so many wonderful things about this place! The staff here always brightens my day and exudes kindness. And of course, the coffee is great! It's everything I could ask for in a local coffee shop and more."
Review via Yelp

Amanda H., New York, NY

"I've been going to Simone's for years! Curt and Simone are fantastic. They care about this community and feel like family. The coffee is fantastic as well as the pastries."
Review via Yelp

Isabella A., Oxnard, CA

“One of my favorite coffee shops in Ventura. Staff is always so nice & friendly. Food & drinks come quickly after ordered. Nice atmosphere to sit & relax or catch up with a friend. Awesome selection!”
Review via Yelp
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